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Spain SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), the UK, and beyond, is provided by Gandy-Draper as part of our web design and marketing solutions.

Buying a website without search engine optimization is like spending your entire budget on a commercial without buying any air time to show it to the world

The top 5 results on page one of Google (the undoubted king of search engines) get 60% of the clickthroughs… and 76% of Google users do not search beyond page one… which make it where all businesses would like to be. Many SEO companies will promise you that spot, but this is not an easy promise to make. Google keeps its formulae close to its chest, and so no company can guarantee that spot in all circumstances.

Gandy-Draper has, however, already achieved high rankings for many clients as part of its 100% white hat SEO services. Indeed, every client that receives one of our websites already benefits from some parts of our SEO knowledge and experience, as part of our service.

Beware of empty promises

We’re not in the practise of setting you for disappointment – and we’ll give you an example. If a person who owns one villa in one resort wanted to be number 1 in Google for the search term “holiday villa”, then they are going to be disappointed when they find out how much that would cost them to achieve. The reason being, they’re up against large, global, well established websites that have spent a huge amount of time and effort into securing that placement. Their one little villa could never fit enough guests in to cope with the deman that such a high ranking for a broad term would deliver. We would have refused to accept that request in that form, fully explaining why, but would suggest other ways of achieving more business for the client that wouldn’t wipe out their budget.

There are usually solutions to problems, however, and this is where Gandy-Draper comes in. With our experience, and constant research and growth within the web design and marketing industry, we know how to help. With this in mind, we are pleased to offer tailormade packages to clients who are serious about promoting their website and enhancing their status on the worldwide web.

Ongoing support to achieve the best results for your business

Search Engine Optimisation is no quick fix (although our Starter Package can help push you in the right direction), and requires an ongoing commitment and understanding of how search engines work. We know that Google is secretive, but there are still a few general things that can move you up the results list. So we’ll now list all of them here… … … … …

Well, no of course we won’t do that. We’re in business after all, and by giving our proven methods away, we would be teaching others how to do what we have spent years learning, and still continue to learn to do.

We get to know YOU

We look at what you want to achieve, what you want your customers to do once they arrive at your site, how to keep them once you have their attention, your competition, as well as many other methods of on and off site marketing. With our background in not only web design, but also sales, marketing, public relations, and account management (all of which are essential ingredients for any serious web design company), we can approach your project from all angles… and provide the best solution for you, and for your potential customers.

We are honest in our approach, and if we cannot help – then we’ll say so. We do not provide SEO for every client that asks for it. We look at what is achievable, whilst keeping this cost-effective and appropriate for you. We also only work with one business within a particular industry in a geographical area at a time. We are ethical and believe that your business deserves our loyalty.

We will chat with you, free of charge, looking at your business, and what you wish to achieve, before formulating a choice of marketing packages just for you. We do not provide quotations without this fact-finding exercise, as we need to know you in order to give you what you really need. Just as a surgeon would never operate unless plenty of relevant questions had been asked first… so any self respecting web design company would ensure that the information was gleaned beforehand. Want to improve your SEO in Spain, the UK and beyond?

Great! Sounds exactly what I need. So what do I do next?

Contact us today by telephoning us on 0034 950 930 916 from Spain or 023 9298 5734 from the UK, or emailing us on – a chat costs you nothing and could be the best decision you make this year!

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