big bang

So, you have an existing website that’s ticking over okay. Not bringing you a ton of business, but it has its place. You might be wondering about talking to us a bit of network marketing help or some SEO. But what could we add to what you already have? THE BIG BANG – that’s what!

The days of placing a ‘brochure’ style website on the Internet and waiting for the orders or new clients to roll in are long gone. Competition for attention nowadays is fierce. You need to be wow your audience, and you need to attract your customers with engaging and useful content, you need to communicate with your prospects, you need to persuade. You need to really stand out! Where once attracting customers was a bit like a fishing match… It’s now more like trying to ‘pull’ at a party where there are plenty of other attractive individuals as well as yourself.

Getting thE Big Bang

As you’ve seen elsewhere, we offer a range of services including web design, search engine optimization, social network and marketing etc. Of course we offer all these services on a stand-alone basis. But where we come into our own, is combining them into one package to really grab the attention of your target market.

Without wishing to sound like we are blowing our own trumpet a bit too much, we have a number of successful content based websites. Take a look at for instance. That website attracts tens of thousands of visitors every month; it earns us revenue from advertising; and behind the scenes it brings us design and Internet marketing business. It proves we know our business, has complimented our professional reputation and it’s got us in front of many new people who may not have found us previously.

We built the site, we provide the content, we have a huge social network presence, we apply SEO techniques, and most importantly it continues to grow month on month.

“Bully for you!” we hear you say, “But how does that apply to MY business?”

Maybe you have the ‘brochure type’ website we mentioned earlier. Maybe it pulls you in say a couple of hundred visitors a month and ticks over financially. Perhaps you don’t quite know how to take your Internet presence to the next level.

We can help turn your website from a brochure into a website that attracts visitors. Working either on your existing site or a completely new one we take your site from passive advertising to a client magnet.

Let us ask you a couple of questions…

  • Do you read (or advertise in) your industry trade press if you’re in the B2B field?
  • Do you read (or advertise in) the consumer press if you sell B2C?

And another couple of questions?

  • Can you imagine the influence you might have if you provided the information traditional publications do in a similar way direct to your customers?
  • Would generating more customers from the Internet improve your bottom line? And could it help reduce you advertising spend?

We have news for you. You can… and it can!

Gandy-Draper have the skills and experience to build, optimise, and provide the social networking “know how” to turn your website into a publication style site instead of a passive brochure. No matter what industry you serve. Working closely with professional journalists and editors we don’t just provide the technical and marketing know how we also provide the strategy and content to create something special to make you stand out from your competitors.

Talk to us today!

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