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Professional yet very affordable web design in Spain

Web design doesn’t need to cost the earth. That being said, our time is valuable – so if you want a professional product you would respect our experience and efforts, as well as the time we put into your business.

Our websites start at €700 (+IVA) and come with a Client Management System (CMS) and in a language that Google understands. 80 per cent of our websites are at that starter price.

Focussed on unique, responsive and effective design

Our combined experience places us at the cutting edge of technology – in a great position to utilise emerging internet trends yet also to ignore the “Emperor’s New Clothes” or those “bells and whistles” that do nothing to boost your company’s reputation. Quite simply, our websites work.

About Gandy-Draper Web Design in Spain

We are Alan and Elle. We have been providing English speaking web design and associated services since moving to Spain in 2006.

We are Alan Gandy and Elle Draper, the team behind the name. 

Honesty and integrity are vital to our business, and so we do not hide behind stock imagery of young pretty folk as so many Web Designers do.

We are exactly who you see – warts an’ all. Sorry about that!
Alan Gandy: Web Design in Spain

Alan Gandy

Alan has a wealth of IT, PR and marketing, and general management experience having worked previously in the web design and multimedia, marketing and electronics industries, mostly at Director level.

Today Alan provides consultancy across a number of industries around the globe, enabling businesses to make the best use of their budgets, whilst raising their profiles professionally and effectively. He also now enjoys his return to professional photography and fine art.

His heart resides in Spain where he enjoys spending quality time with Elle, walking their three bouncing dogs, and getting out to explore and photograph Spain’s diverse and beautiful scenery. In 2012 he published his first book, “Walking the Canary Islands”, detailing his walk for charity across the seven largest Canary Islands.

Elle Draper: Web Design in Spain

Elle Draper

Elle’s background lies predominantly in sales and marketing as well as recruitment, administration, operations and customer service. Elle reached senior managerial level before leaving the UK for a new life in the sun.

Elle is generally Gandy-Draper clients’ first point of contact and her dedication for excellent customer service is consistently described as “outstanding”. A “workaholic”, Elle consistently fails to reduce working hours… preferring instead to ensure their clients are happy.

Elle enjoys spending time with Alan and the dogs, as well as cooking, hiking and the occasional (cough) dry white wine. She is also well known among her friends and clients for her endless obsession with Doctor Who. She is also the author of The Spain Buddy Recipes book which makes Spanish cooking easy, even for novices.

We do much more than just Web Design in Spain Click the icons to find out more

Hundreds of clients worldwide trust Gandy-Draper – not only for web design in Spain

We also provide global services including business support, Search Engine Optimisation, marketing assistance and much more besides. 

Our working methods and systems have made it possible for us to work with clients anywhere in the world. We have clients in mainland Spain of course, but don’t be fooled by the name. Our clients are also in many other countries including Belgium, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Dubai, Oman, India, Australia and the United States.

We’ve got you covered

We do everything from basic web design to more advanced web projects. These include, but are not limited to, business card websites, eCommerce websites, interactive sites, competition websites. We have built for everyone from ramblers to rocket scientists, woodworkers to wedding planners and from Senators to Shops. We’ve provided personal blogs, travel websites. Are you getting the idea yet? 

We care about you and your business

We take great care when helping you to manage your internet presence. All of our projects are tailored to your business, utilising our business experience and design knowledge. We support and nurture you, while improving and boosting your company’s bottom line. Our customer care is second to none – but don’t just take our word for it Have a look at the dozens of quantifiable testimonials that we have on our website. These are from our many clients past and present – with more being added all the time. 

You’re in great hands

We proudly provide an excellent standard of service to our clients, ensuring the experience of working with us is something special. To be honest – Elle couldn’t sleep at night if we hadn’t provided an unrivalled level of support. Of course this applies to absolutely everybody we work with. 

Come visit – if you like… or don’t

Many of our clients have met us face to face. Others have been clients for more than a decade – yet without ever seeing our ugly mugs! The choice is yours – if you’d like to visit us here at the office, there will always be a warm welcome and maybe a bite to eat. 

An email is free and a chat costs you nothing – it may well be the best decision you make this year!

Drop a line to Gandy-Draper: Web Design in Spain today!

We speak in plain terms, keeping you fully involved at every stage of the web design or SEO order process.

Our clients love us!

Every business is unique, and that is why we offer a 100% personalised service. Our clients regularly tell us that we excel in terms of friendliness, accessibility, promptness and customer support. But don’t take our word for it – read some of the many testimonials for yourselves

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