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We are Alan Gandy and Elle Draper, the team behind the name. This page will tell you a little about us.

Honesty and integrity are vital to our business, and so we do not hide behind cartoons and memes as so many Spain Web Designers do.

We are exactly who you see – warts an’ all. Sorry about that!


We are not geeks. We are seasoned business professionals who understand the pressures of running a business.


Our Team

Alan Gandy


Alan has a wealth of IT, PR and marketing, and general management experience having worked previously in the web design and multimedia, marketing and electronics industries, mostly at Director level.

Today Alan provides consultancy across a number of industries around the globe, enabling businesses to make the best use of their budgets, whilst raising their profiles professionally and effectively. He also now enjoys his return to professional photography and fine art.

His heart resides in Spain where he enjoys spending quality time with Elle, walking their “last dog standing” and getting out to explore and photograph Spain’s diverse and beautiful scenery.

In 2012 he published his first book, “Walking the Canary Islands”, detailing his walk for charity across the seven largest Canary Islands.

Elle Draper


Elle’s background lies predominantly in sales and marketing as well as recruitment, administration, operations and customer service. Elle reached senior managerial level before leaving the UK for a new life in the sun.

Elle is generally Gandy-Draper clients’ first point of contact and her dedication for excellent customer service is consistently described as “outstanding”. A “workaholic”, Elle consistently fails to reduce working hours… preferring instead to ensure their clients are happy.

Elle enjoys spending time with Alan and their dog, as well as cooking, hiking and the occasional (cough) dry white wine. She is also well known among her friends and clients for her endless obsession with Doctor Who.

She is also the author of The Spain Buddy Recipe book which makes Spanish cooking easy, even for novices.



Calle del Doctor Guirao Gea, 5.
Vélez-Blanco 04830

M – T: 10am – 4pm 
F: 10am – 2pm
Sat: Closed
Sun: Closed
Phone: +34 950 78 64 73