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Web Design for charities, churches, clubs and associations

Web design for charities and non-profits has always formed an integral part of what we do here at Gandy-Draper, as well as ongoing support and fundraising.

Why do I need a website as a charity, church, club or organisation?

A website is your opportunity to promote your writing at any time of the day and night. It is a vital part of your marketing strategy. You have written your book and now wish the world to read it.

Your web site can shout your message locally or internationally… straight to your potential customers.

It is like having your very own bookshop that isn’t restricted by being on the second floor of a building, or hidden in the back streets of a rarely visited area of a town. It is easily accessible by anyone, anywhere in the world!

Despite what some may tell you, it doesn’t have to be complicated. That’s where we come in! Right from the very start, Gandy-Draper will ensure that you are looked after professionally and supportively.

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Discounts available for registered associations

Every cent, centimo or penny raised by a non-profit is valuable. So we offer discounted options to those great causes that need it most. Of course you get what you pay for, which is why we are able to offer websites to suit the charity or non-profit perfectly. You can see examples of our web design for charities (as well as clubs and other non-profits) by scrolling down.

In addition to charity web design, we offer a platform for charities in Spain to advertise on for FREE… on Spain Buddy.

Whether you are a charity, an association, or any other kind of non-profit – we can build something special for a lower cost than you think. Not only do we discount the build for registered charities, but we also provide discounts for the renewals and free updates to the content of the new website. Don’t compromise. Stop relying on the “back bedroom builder,” the “friend of a friend” who really doesn’t know what they’re doing and could harm your charity in several ways through enthusiastic incompetence. Stop getting free websites from friends that don’t work… Sites that don’t work across devices…. That don’t appear in Google searches…. Websites that don’t offer you all the extra goodies that come as standard with a Gandy-Draper website.

Fully responsive charity websites.

Every single website we build today is fully device responsive. It will display seamlessly on mobiles and tablets. Of course the layout will differ a little – the dimensions are different. But you can rest assured that, regardless of how they are looking at your website, it will work beautifully for anyone looking at it.

Search engine friendly web design for charities.

Every website that we build comes in a language that Google understands and respects. We can chat to you about what searches you want your website to appear at the top for. Maybe you have your own ideas, or perhaps you’d like us to suggest some. Either way, we can help. Of course if you want to be at number one in Google for the one word “charity” – it’s not going to happen without a serious time and money injection; however, most charities simply need to be found by their name or by typing in their geographical area alongside the charity type – and that’s something we’re pretty confident we can provide.

Goodies and ongoing support.

Every website built by Gandy-Draper comes with extra goodies. These vary dependent upon location, type and what your needs really are. We can chat to you about these and suggest ways to benefit your charity in ways you may not have considered – all part of our smiley service!

Once your shiny new fundraising website is complete, we provide you with exactly the kind of support you need. Whether that is to keep your website updated for you, or to train a member of your team on how to do it themselves, we’ve got you covered! We can offer training via email, phone or Skype. If you’d like to come for lunch we can offer face to face training too!

Free* photography for charities

Are you a charity or non-profit organisations in Spain? Would you like professional free photos? We can help. The photographs would be taken by a professional photographer (Alan) and may be used for your fundraising projects and marketing with an acknowledgement each time they are used. Any charity or NGO that is successful in their application will also be featured on our flagship website, Spain Buddy.

If this sounds of interest to you – click HERE to apply, or contact us HERE for more information.

*All we ask is that you cover the photographer’s travel costs. We reserve the right to decline some charities without prejudice. This by no means reflects on the particular charity’s fabulous work but is simply due to our own commitments.

Contact us today for a no-obligation chat, and see how we can best help you with web design and/or ongoing support for your non-profit organisation.

How does it work?

Getting to know you

Initially we find out more about you and your writing genre/s. We chat about your organisation, your visual likes and dislikes – building a thorough picture of what will work best for you and enable more people to find and join you!

We make suggestions for your website: layout, look and feel, functionality and of course how to get your point across. 

Design and launch

We provide you with a “first look” at how your website will look. This is vital so that all the hard work you have put into getting your words down is displayed in a way that you love.

Once you are completely happy with your design, your website will go live. We NEVER charge for a website until you are 100% happy with the way that it looks and performs.

Ongoing Support 

Unlike many web design companies, we NEVER leave you to cope alone. Most of our clients like us to update their websites for them… but many of our clients want to do that themselves of course!

We can show you how to update your website as well as how to add a blog (if you want one) and send out newsletters to your mailing list.

The first step in web design for charities, churches, clubs and associations?

Simply get in touch and we can chat about your needs and start the process of working with a professional, friendly and hands-on company with a great reputation.

Don’t hesitate – contact us today.

Testimonials from some of our charities, churches, clubs and associations

I was recommended to Elle by a mutual friend. We have never met, spoken only twice, but exchanged MANY eMails, always QUICKLY. Her charges (in my experience) are OVER GENEROUS and works as if it were for PIN-MONEY rather than BUSINESS. She has created too many websites for me than I can remember, handles all my HOSTMONSTER and ‘Team Viewer’ to resolve issues on the OLD MAN’s (35 years 100% AppleMac) even though `Elle is a `window and gate user!’. Her annual fee for HAND-HOLDING me is less than a couple of rounds of drink. I NEVER recommend ANYONE ELSE, because I KNOW Elle will not disappoint them. I don’t regard Elle as my WebMaster, but I would prefer to recommend her as my WebMISTRESS!! Alan is fortunate that their marriage was MADE IN HEAVEN (even though she charges MADE IN CHINA prices) based on HARD-EARNED EXPERIENCE. (that I designed using Apple iWEB before Apple discontinued it. It’s the difference between DIY and 100% PROFESSIONALISM.

Most Rev Primate Archbishop Dr Clive Read Ph D

I have used Gandy-Draper for several of my clients. I specialize in political fundraising including direct mail for such clients. I have had Gandy-Draper design several logos for the clients to be used on their letterheads as well as on their websites. I am completely satisfied with their professionalism, timely response and the quality of their designs. I have also used Gandy-Draper for the design of my own website. They understood exactly what I was looking for, and provided me with a website which far exceeded my expectations

Nancy Smith

Elle Draper, you’ve been amazing. Thank you SO much for all of your relentless hard work over the past ten days or so. We love our new website and I am sure that everyone will join me in expressing our thanks for a job really well done. We would recommend Gandy-Draper without hesitation. A warm, friendly, professional and reassuring approach with excellent results. Who could ask for more? X

Maria Bailey

As keen animal lovers, Gandy-Draper very kindly offered to re-design our website to give it a much more professional appearance. We are ‘over the moon’ with the result and are very grateful for the time and effort they put in on our behalf. They remain supporters of our charity and through their efforts we now have a much more appealing and productive website that benefits the abandoned animals of Lanzarote. Many thanks

The committee and the 300 residents at Sara Animal Shelter, Lanzarote
SARA Animal Shelter

We wanted to redesign the website, the old one had been around for 7+ years and quite passive. We needed a fresher outlook that would encourage members to use it more plus making it more easily accessible. We shortlisted 4 web designers and from various communication channels we chose Elle based on a) she demonstrated with her knowledge of the industry that she understood what we were looking for and b) executed the brief on time and on budget. The website now looks more like a site that reflects what we are trying to achieve. Elle was most accommodating with all the inevitable little extras that arise from a project of this nature. We would have no hesitation in recommending Elle

Ray Bigger

Having very little knowledge in respect of web design, I was at first a little apprehensive in not being able to discuss the Churches requirements face to face with Elle. But this was soon short lived, as it quickly became apparent that I had nothing to worry about. Elle’s vast experience in web design was evident from day one after she sent me samples of her work. Once it was decided on which style we would go for and that I provided her with all the written content, Elle quickly went into action and produced an excellent website for “Sunday Worship”

The communication we had via email was excellent with nothing being too much trouble. All in all, Elle you provide a 5 Star Service.

Thank you Elle.

Angela Spendley

Brilliant company – thanks for all your help. x

Lynne Sweet

We asked Gandy-Draper to help us create a website and email service for our new Charity.

Elle was amazingly patient and helpful, particularly as we really didn’t understand anything about web design.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gandy-Draper to others in our position. Thank you so much Elle!

Ann Williams

Just a few examples of web design for charities, churches, clubs and associations

Gandy-Draper Web Design in Spain provides web design for charities, churches, clubs and associations for a lot less money than you’d expect! Our pre-discount prices start at only €700 for a bespoke design unique to you, professionally representing your organisation – we then apply a hefty discount upon receipt of your legal status as a registered entity or non-profit. Whether you are are small neighbourhood group, a thriving fundraising charity or any other church or organisation – we can provide anything you need.

Of course, your new Gandy-Draper website will be fully ready for Google (speak to us about how we can improve your rankings), will work on all devices including smartphones and tablets, and includes free logo design, a domain name* appropriate for your business, your first year’s hosting*, some advertising when and where appropriate, and a host of other goodies dependent upon your business and location.

Don’t hesitate – speak to one of the leading and friendliest web design companies around today. Gandy-Draper Web Design is happy to chat with you without obligation, can show you examples of our work and plenty of testimonials from among our hundreds of very happy clients who are all around the world – not just in Spain!

Stop compromising and get the brand new shiny website that you and your business deserve.

Contact us today by telephoning us on 0034 950 78 64 73, filling out the form on this page, or emailing us on – a chat costs you nothing and could be the best decision you make for your business this year!

*€150 payable per year from year 2 onward… covering hosting, emails, domain name, a couple of hours of content updates and technical support

Contact Gandy-Draper Web Design today!

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