Does my business really need a website?

The easy and simple answer is “Yes – without a doubt!” But why? Here are just three reasons why a website is a must for any serious business.


You know what it’s like. You’ve been at work all day, or you’ve been taxi-ing the kids around to and from school, footie lessons, friends’ houses etc – and before you know it, you’re back at home and it’s far too late to visit a shop, or talk to a call centre (if you even wanted to). So you click on the computer, and start surfing to see what you can find. Well – so do your customers!!!

A website ensures that your business is available to prospective customers at all times – even if you personally are not. In a short time, your prospective customers can have found out all about you, your services, how to get more information, dropped you an enquiry, or even bought your products – all while you snooze in front of the telly… or are sipping wine with friends on the terrace.

Customers will speak to YOU!

How many times have you searched through an online directory, looking for something specific, and are faced with rows of telephone numbers. Then a supplier with a website is in the list – human nature dictates that you will click on that because straight away you can find out more information without having to pick up a phone, or drive to their premises. Well, you’re not alone… Don’t you think your customers would do the same?

Increase your customer base

No matter whether you are doing business on a local level, or gaining clients internationally, a website can help you reach out to more people.

It would be lovely if we had enough money to advertise in every publication in the world, flypost every flat surface in every country (okay – perhaps not… we need to love our planet after all), or have your logo emblazoned on every vehicle ever driven, have our image blasting on every television channel ever broadcasting – but life just isn’t like that. And hey, if you had enough money to do that, you’d be retiring to your luxury yacht and supping margaritas. What a website can do for you is the next best thing.

With the internet, there are no national borders, no geographical limitaions – you’re are simply in the place called “online”. Perhaps you have a new offer coming up – get it on your website and you are automatically advertising worldwide. Planning a new range of products or services? Then your website can display that for you across all the compass points.

Of course there are many many more reasons to have a website – but even with just these… can you afford not to?

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