How to add a new post in WordPress 5

This article is to help Gandy-Draper clients with How to add a new post in WordPress 5.

If you are reading this but are not a Gandy-Draper client, then some things may look a little different – although the principles should still apply.

The instructions below are for adding a new Post using a really simple layout. As you advance and your skill set grows, we will help you (as a client) to explore other areas of the Builder and to play with layouts and other goodies. 

This is for self-hosted websites using Wordpress software (which all of our clients use) and is not to be confused with websites hosted for free on

As with everything we discuss – if in doubt, ask!


Why The Major Change?

The first thing we need to do is explain why the new “Editor” looks different to the one that you are used to. The reason is actually very simple.

With so many people viewing websites on mobile devices these days… a responsive design is vital for your business. WordPress 5 forces you to adopt this as best practice. This means that (unless you are working in HTML) that the Editor will “encourage” you to add items as “Blocks”. This will ensure that once your Page or Post is published, it flows beautifully – regardless of how a person is viewing it.

Gandy-Draper clients (and just about everyone else) will note that the layout is completely different now when adding a new post. The good news is that none of you have to worry about existing posts – not unless you need to edit them anyway…. so don’t set time aside to redo your entire content… it’s an unnecessary step.


First of all – have an idea of how you would like your new article to look – where there’s text… where there’s an image etc.

Forget the old way of inserting images to the left and/or right of your text – they should now be placed between bodies of text… with each section of text and each image forming a block. Have a look at this image to see what we mean.

Although you can still embed your images to the left and right of your text (the Wordpress Builder allows for this), we recommend that for now, you simply place them on top of each other instead – this will keep your article looking good on mobile devices too. It’s also simpler to do.

Some of you will wish to type directly into WordPress, whilst others may wish to type it all out in Word (or similar text program) first.

How to add a new post in Wordpress 5 - blocks

Let’s Begin

First of all – ensure that you are logged into the back end of your website as normal (Gandy-Draper clients can contact us direct if they need help with this).

Now hover over “Posts” in the left hand menu and click on “Add New” when it appears.

Check that your screen has three columns

  • Left column (dark gray with lots of links in it)
  • Middle column (your working area)
  • Right column (further settings)

If you can’t see the right hand side bar, then click on the little grey cogwheel on the top right to toggle the view.

Add a title

Now click on the box at the top that says “Add title” and add the title of your new Post. If you can’t see that, it’s probably because there’s a small popup covering it (that talks about “Tips” – go ahead and click the small X to get rid of it.

Add your first block

This will be your first body of text (usually). Click the small + sign as shown in this image

How to add a new post in Wordpress 5 - Add block

You will see a dropdown menu appear. Scroll down slightly, until you see the “Classic Editor” icon.

You may need to expand some sections to find it (usually found in “Formatting”.

If you still can’t see it – start typing “Classic block” in the search box and it will appear.

Click that icon. After you have added it the first time, it should automatically appear at the top in the future.

How to add a new post in Wordpress 5 - Select the Classic Editor block

Now type in your first body of text (or paste from your document)

Your first “Block” is now added

Add an image

 Go back up to that little plus sign on the top left again… and click it. Now find the “Add image icon” just as you did with adding your first “Block”

Click it and follow the steps in exactly the same way as you were used to in the former “Editor” that you are used to.

Adding more blocks

If you hover just underneath your latest Block, you’ll see that a plus sign appears to the top left. Just click it and look for another “Classic Block” or an “Image” – or have a play with other blocks that are available if you like too. It’s YOUR website – so go nuts!

Continue adding more “Blocks” via those until the remainder of your Post is complete.

Publishing Your New Post

Now that your Post is ready, there are just a couple more steps to go through before you set it live.

Adding categories, featured image and tags

Gandy-Draper clients either already have their Categories set up… or our more advanced users know how to add them so I won’t tell you the whys and wherefores of those – just how you access them.

Look at the right hand sidebar again. It is likely that “Block is selected” but you want to click the “Document tab” as shown in this image.

How to add a new post in Wordpress 5 - Switch sidebar to document view

Once you have clicked that “Document” tab, you can see various dropdown menus. Click on each one applicable to you and follow the steps as you normally would.

For most websites (certainly most Gandy-Draper websites), “Categories” and “Featured Image” dropdowns are vital for you to use. Gandy-Draper clients can forget the rest… although some of you do use “Tags” too.


Most Gandy-Draper clients have their SEO settings automated via the YOAST plugin… but some of you do your own. For those of you that do… you can scroll down the edit screen and find those settings in the usual place.

As always – if in doubt and you are a Gandy-Draper client – just ask!

Set it live!

You should now be ready to publish your Post.

Click the blue “Publish” button on the top right

Most Gandy-Draper clients can ignore the options for Visibility, Publish and Suggestions that now appear – but edit those if you need to.

Click the blue “Publish” button again and your article is now live… leaving you to do nothing more than share it with your readers via whatever your chosen methods are, such as Social Networks

Further Help

All Gandy-Draper clients receive full client support as standard – so if you are a client and need some extra help, or would like to schedule a free training session… just drop me an email to to organise that. I am afraid that the free support does not extend to non-clients. Please refer to your own web designers for that… or join the many happy clients already enjoying fabulous service from this long-standing company.

We have not included the other different Block types in this article, nor instructions for SEO, alt text or other bits and bobs that some of our clients do themselves. Those among our clients that need a little extra help with those things are welcome to contact us.