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A logo tells your potential customers a lot about your business. It can portray you as warm,  approachable, formal, technical, capable and many other things besides. So it is important to get it right before you even start to think about website design, business cards or promoting yourself across the Social Networks.

We work with you, chatting about you, your business, your aims and your desired image. Colours, fonts, shapes, imagery – the opportunities are endless.

How much is logo design?

We charge just €75 (+IVA) per logo

Every client that orders a website from us automatically receives a free logo design as part of our service.

Personal branding is a preview of what your customers can expect while working with you.

You get what you pay for

You can get cheap logo designs in various places online – but we offer you more!

Through several conversations with you and ongoing updates to your logo until you sign off – you can guarantee that the final result will be something you love and that projects the best image for your business. The cheaper alternatives don’t take the time to know you… and only offer a limited number of revisions.

Don’t settle for shoddy service – work with the best!

What will you receive?

We provide you with high resolution files that you can give to your printer or use on your marketing materials.

For a nomimal extra fee (sometimes waived, dependant upon what other projects we are working with you on), we will also provide business card design, resizing of your logo for use on various Social Networks, email signatures and digital letterheads.

We get to know YOU

We look at what YOU want to achieve, what you want your customers to do once they arrive at your site, how to KEEP them once you have their attention, your competition, as well as many other methods of on and off site marketing. With our background in not only web design, but also sales, marketing, public relations, and account management (all of which are essential ingredients for any serious web design company), we can approach your project from all angles… and provide SUCCESS for you, and for your potential customers.

  • We are honest and open. If we cannot help – then we’ll say so.

We will chat with you, free of charge, looking at your business, and what you wish to achieve, before making recommendations. We do not provide quotations without this fact-finding exercise. Just as a surgeon would never operate unless plenty of relevant questions had been asked first… so any self respecting web design company would ensure that the information was gleaned beforehand.

Contact us today by telephoning us on 0034 950 78 64 73, filling out the form on this page, or emailing us on – a chat costs you nothing and could be the best decision you make this year!

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