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Beauty and Fitness web design

Beauty And Fitness web design
We have been providing web design for beauty and fitness for several years, and have helped these businesses to display themselves online in a way that matches the style and feel of their salons, gyms and other beauty and fitness businesses.
Why do I need a website for my beauty and fitness business?
A website is your opportunity to promote your business at any time of the day and night. It is a vital part of your marketing strategy. You have built your business and now wish the world to know about it.

Your web site can shout your message locally straight to your potential customers. We can also help with getting you to rank in Google’s Local search results.

It is like having your very own salon that isn’t restricted by being on the second floor of a building, or hidden within the premises of another business. It is easily accessible by anyone, anywhere in the world! All they need to do is use the contact form included with your website and you’ll receive an email prompting you to get in touch with them.

Despite what some may tell you, it doesn’t have to be complicated. That’s where we come in! Right from the very start, Gandy-Draper will ensure that you are looked after professionally and supportively.

Below you can find a selection of the websites for beauty and fitness that we have built in the past for our clients. Note that they all look different – matching the style and branding of the individual clients and their tastes.