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Property Sales web design

Property sales web design is something we are asked to do frequently. Some companies charge thousands of Euros for something that isn’t anywhere near to the high level of functionality we can provide. We charge just €1300* for a fully functional Estate Agent website.
This is Property Sales/Rentals web design for Estate Agents
We first began building websites for property clients back in 2007. Since then we have built a huge number of sites, each with even more functionality than the last.

We can provide you with a website that you can use to add your listings onto easily (as simple as filling out a form). We also help with Search Engine Optimisation and all of our property websites rank very well for the areas they cover.

If you are an Estate Agent, you will know what your clients are seeking – we can help make their dreams come true by providing you with a super website that your clients will find easy to navigate, search and request viewings on.

Not on our doorstep? Don’t worry – very few of our Property Sales/Rentals websites are. It is simply not an issue for any of our clients. Using the tools at our disposal today, such as Zoom, Skype, Messenger and telephone, we are able to chat to our clients or see each other visually.

Each and every client receives training on how to use their website/s via Zoom so distance is not an issue.

We’re also often cheaper than many other property sales/rentals web design companies too – great for when you are launching a new project or facelift, and need to save every precious euro that you can. We can start you small and your website will evolve with you – without the need for pricey upgrades that others hoodwink their clients into.

We can accept payment in Euros to a European bank account too – so no pricey transfers to worry about.

Simply put – we can look after you as well as if you were situated nextdoor! Why not drop us a line for a no-obligation quote and to see how we can professionally support your business.

Below you can find a selection of websites we have built for our property sales / rentals clients.

*Sometimes our clients need a little more “oomph” with their hosting due to exporting XML feeds to Third Party websites. Don’t worry – we can help you navigate the best solutions.