Revamp that website!

Why should you bring your website up to date?

When you buy a car, you don’t necessarily buy exactly the same model, age, and colour, that you did last time would you? Why? Because technologies, tastes, and features have moved on. What your old car used to do for you was fine at the time… but now the demands are different.

The same can certainly be said of websites. Although your original website served its purpose at the time – it may not be the best use of your web presence now!

Times change, people change, demands change, and tastes change. Certainly your business will have changed. Perhaps your focus is different now, to what it was when you had your original website provided.

Hopefully your business will have grown. Can your staff update your website themselves? Do they have access to your client database from the back of your website? Can they easily send out mailings… targeted to specific customer groups of yours? Can you easily add products to your site?

Maybe currently your website is full of good information – but is it ‘cutting it’ in comparison to your competitors? Competition is always growing and changing, and you already know you need to keep evolving in order to keep a step ahead.

Have a good hard look at your current website. Does it do everything you need it to NOW? Is it up to date NOW? Has it grown to where your business is NOW? If not, then why not have a talk to us to see exactly what we can do to help.

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